Nut Bush City Limits

For Smiles in particular, who expressed an interest in Joe Bonamassa. This is him backing Beth Hart, who has done a number of albums with him over the years and they really compliment each other. A new one is on the way later this year.


Don’t you just dig the leather?

Keep on rocking…

where the tulips come from…

Dear Diablog,

Despite being a committed Brexiter I have always been hopelessly in love with Europe so, a couple of weeks ago I took a 45 minute torture course – well, Easyjet from Luton – to a wonderfully attractive city


where I rented a suitable local method of transport for Mme and the pair we went with


and booked into an AirB+B par excellance.


After checking out the neighbours…..


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Update party

Dear Reader,

A while back I said here, that I will not help people with Windows 10. Breaking that promise, I did help someone, who had installed the upgrade from windows 7 to 10. He could neither print, nor scan. And what a mess it was.

In the past you bought common, middle of the road hardware from reputable manufacturers and it worked with Windows.

Well, screw that. The HP thing did not work. And when you want to download the HP software, you have to register at the Microsoft store, and probably the HP store, and with Satan, I guess. Wait, that was repetitive.

In any case, getting the printer / scanner to work in Windows 10 was worse, than any fiddling I had to do with Linux ever. Even a decade ago. So, that was it. No Windows 10 support from me. If you insist on having it, fix it yourself. Or pay someone. I am out of that.

On to good news, we did hundreds of updates to our little server. You did not notice. Because – let me emphasize that:

Linux just works.

Thank you very much to all the developers, coders, architects, maintainers. volunteers, supporters, people, who make Linux happen.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Stay free,

Engine Room

moving elegantly

Dear Reader,

Style and elegance – two of the many things the Italians take pride in – are discussed occasionally her at diablog.

Naturally, Glynsky thinks he has it all.

Today, I am asking you kindly to judge. The following video shows how Glynsky moves. First in webM format:


Or here in MP4:

Now you tell me: Cute? Yes. But elegant?

Stay amused,
Engine Room

pluckin’ ‘ell…

Dear diablog,

The Brexit Express is heading for the station and, sadly, the vote gets closer. Sadly because I enjoy more and more the utter bollocks being talked about as ‘being relevant’ and in particular the load of tosh from the Stay side – amply illustrated by Engine Room here.

So, it is getting very close to decision timeĀ  and –

I had intended to write a series of 3 posts – one for in, one for out and one to compare and balance my OUT, OUT, OUT.

What the EC has become is not what we voted for in 1975. Free trade area YES, political union NO – never.

On reflection, however, I decided it was pointless. Who cares what I think? Who reads diablog that it might change their mind? The world around me is full of wanker breast beating touchy feely arseholes who couldn’t decide whether to pull out a splinter from their thumb in case it infringed the Rights of Thorns.

Maybe it is me who is the wanker. Maybe using a whistle in the school playground is ‘aggressive’, maybe the gagging of freedom of opinion in British universities is a good thing, maybe the USA isn’t (politically) a shit hole of a nation populated by ignorant warmongers – maybe I should learn to love my fellow man.

Naaah – they stink, I’ll stick to women.

So, what to do. I feel I must write something but there’s too much to say.

Pictures speak a thousand words so any one who wants In…


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so lets start with some fun…

Dear diablog,

One of the great advantages of being around the young is access to the sort of ‘stuff’ that only they know of.

The other day, whilst on care duty, I was talked in to going to early morning Saturday cinema – and what a treat! The film was fantastic!

Engine Room has often, rightly, complained that the trailer has the best gags and what you later see has only that gag in it. Not so here

It is rammed with gags and it would be impossible to pick the best – though public servants as sloths does take a lot of beating!

The real kickers are not on the clip so don’t worry – its worth the price of admission – twice!


Yours, diablog, forever young