Al-Qaeda, Al-Aqsa, Al-Gebra

Dear Reader,

We have a new terror organization. Time to fear for your life, this time for real.

After Al-Qaeda and Al-Aqsa, we know give you Al-Gebra.

This group is so dangerous, it has been hiding in plain sight for hundreds of years.

And they are strong. Strong as in they have hundreds of millions of followers.

They have infiltrated diablog already. Yes, I am willing to come out as a follower. Shocking, I know.

Why now? One of us got caught. This guy:

You can read about it here:

If there ever was a plea for more education, there you have it.

Our Idiot of the Day medal goes to that airline passenger, obviously obsessed with “If you see something, say something”. I hope she does not reproduce.

And I still request a zero-security-check-airline. I’d sign up right away. I fly at my own risk. With all those dangerous things like water bottles, pocket knifes, tweezers, shoes, tooth picks, etc.

Stay sane,

Engine Room

12 thoughts on “Al-Qaeda, Al-Aqsa, Al-Gebra

  1. Next time Smiles is on a long haul flight let me know and I’ll bring the monopoly board. It is about to get real! GahBAM!

  2. Too late. Flew yesterday to Almaty in Kazakhstan.
    I warn you Casper, I am the best at Monopoly !

  3. Delaying the crowning I see..smooth.
    Well, I ought to start practicing then, to Woooooopy your arse.
    ‘warning smorning’ Snoooooooooooooze!

  4. All I am saying Smiles that being friends before I whoop your arse at monopoly will ensure that we treasure what we have. I shouldn’t feel like I have done something wrong just because I will win! This is hard for me, to say this, you have known this is coming surely.

    1. Fascinating article ER. I am with you on the paranoia. Trumped up to silly levels by the Trump hype and the NSA / FBI. I’m not sure I share your bravado that we need no flight security, but I’m not sure where it should start or finish. Taking one’s shoes off etc., at check in is so daft. All the fun has been taken out of travel these days, with long embarkation and even longer debarkations in some countries – particularly the US. I remember when you could step onto flights in the US like stepping onto a tube train, simple, pleasant, user friendly. What a stupid unnecessary caper that was!

      Although we know it’s the few, it’s difficult not to blame all Muslims for the way they have defalcated on how the West wants to live, free and liberal. Dare I say there is a correlation in taking an Amazon tribe, or medieval population and plonking them in Manhattan or London and telling them to just get on with life. A whole other debate!

  5. I must admit security is getting out of hand particularly at Heathrow terminal 5.
    I did see a senseless piece of Security at Barbados airport recently. The guard was shouting out ‘remove all shoes’, lady in front of me was wearing flip flops, the guard shouted at her, ‘I told you to take all shoes off’.
    Air travel isn’t the joy it used to be, airports are overcrowded & unfriendly and your passenger passenger is a pain in the backside.

  6. You can tell someone has issues and is looking for a reaction Druid. I did that a while back on db too.

  7. I wonder what reaction they were looking for a: Thank You sir for being such an idiot”

  8. I may not rhyme,
    But my heart chimes.
    For your words and kisses,
    And sometimes Smile’s disses.
    Though hard times have been,
    I know I can always lean.
    On your shoulders forever,
    As nothing could be better.
    My best friends love,
    Is certainly all and the above.
    The pure luck in finding this experience,
    Is one of magical endurance.
    I will treasure your heart,
    As I know we will never part.
    In more times of turbulence,
    I will bring forth forbearance.
    Because to me you bring strength
    Oh please tell me your length ;-)
    My days maybe be sombre,
    As I wait for you to come over.
    Overthinking the first sight,
    Of your beautiful white light.
    Will I be courageous and strong,
    Upon the summer night’s song,
    To lift your soul,
    To places not dull.
    So as I not rhyme,
    I think of a time,
    Where me and you
    Will start anew.

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