al fa one and one 1…

Dear diablog,

Despite the recent personalised gloom (and thanks for your forbearance) my own time has at least been improved by attending a number of car related ‘days out’.

One of the best recently was the Alfa Spring Day at Beaulieu


in fantastic April weather and with a startling array of Alfas of all ages and types




beautifully presented and arranged for view…



…to an adoring public – including a number of 4CL’s and 8C’s


with a couple available for ‘test drives’ – guess who was first in line!!




Pure magic – what a treat.

Even better was in store which will be displayed in a forthcoming continuation post.

Yours, diablog, a la Milanese


6 thoughts on “al fa one and one 1…

  1. I had the pleasure of driving a friend’s Montreal in Germany.
    I recently saw my very first 8C, not something you see in the north of Scotland.
    Excellent blog, beats doom & gloom any day.

    Yours, watching the sun out of the office window

  2. The Alfa Montreal ER, a good choice.
    The one I drove was in lime green, not one of Alfa’s best colours.

  3. The car is less appealing in lime green. Though if the car works it works. I am sure you still looked cool Druid.
    I hope you drove on even roads to really get the most out of the car.

    Casper X

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