so lets start with some fun…

Dear diablog,

One of the great advantages of being around the young is access to the sort of ‘stuff’ that only they know of.

The other day, whilst on care duty, I was talked in to going to early morning Saturday cinema – and what a treat! The film was fantastic!

Engine Room has often, rightly, complained that the trailer has the best gags and what you later see has only that gag in it. Not so here

It is rammed with gags and it would be impossible to pick the best – though public servants as sloths does take a lot of beating!

The real kickers are not on the clip so don’t worry – its worth the price of admission – twice!


Yours, diablog, forever young



One thought on “so lets start with some fun…

  1. Looks good. I will have to borrow some kids to go and see it or watch it on a long distance flight.
    The sloth with rubber stamp looks very familiar. It is you, isn’t it ?

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