where the tulips come from…

Dear Diablog,

Despite being a committed Brexiter I have always been hopelessly in love with Europe so, a couple of weeks ago I took a 45 minute torture course – well, Easyjet from Luton – to a wonderfully attractive city


where I rented a suitable local method of transport for Mme and the pair we went with


and booked into an AirB+B par excellance.


After checking out the neighbours…..




one of whom lived in a glass bottle art gallery



we discovered, no more than 250 yards away (had to put that in just to annoy Smiles) an excellent new hotel, The Dylan ( what a great idea to have a daily fresh individual flower pathway to the front door)


with a brilliant, well stocked, comfortable and excellent bar called Vinkeles – you can guess the comments!!!

Talking of which, I took two pics of the front path and chose the one above and was about to delete this one until I noticed the trainers in the window (top left) and had to leave it for a smile!! 5 star ???


Whatever, should you find yourself there, also visit the famous Rijksmuseum, but not for the exhibits alone

rijk mus

book (it gets incredibly busy) a dinner table for the real treat of the taster menu in the Rijks Restaurant. It is better than very very good – it is amazing – though seriously expensive!

rijks rest

Great place, lovely city, wonderful break – and my heart is forever at Vinkeles!

Yours, diablog, in clogs



5 thoughts on “where the tulips come from…

  1. To my dear Vinkly Cocobear, I am glad your trip was wonderful. What do they exhibit at the museum? I sent in the suggestion of a ‘I love coco’ exhibition but apparently that wouldn’t go down so well with the public as it could be seen as racist, so I again suggested ‘hintler of love’ (as you are always suggesting hints of love and received even worse critism. Now I am insecure about sending in the rest:
    Boar Racks Oh Bums Me
    Insects you all
    Peed on a file
    Big Blog Dock
    Fiat birch
    Knee grows

    Casper X

  2. If you are into paintings it is de rigeur – which you can play with as you wish!
    Want to share the bike??

  3. Interesting and exciting!

    I thought you would never ask! I will get some padded trousers, I don’t want to hurt your gentle shoulders and have you losing balance :-*

    Casper X

  4. A chap from the tulip industry of Holland was talking on the radio this morning, about concerns over our possible Brexit and how it would effect his industry.
    It depends whether we put other rules in place with regard to their imports, as the UK buys 65% of the tulips they grow. Apparently a 1hour 15 minute delay on getting the flowers over here will result in a 2 day delay in getting them to wherever we happen to look at them and this could devastate the quality of the flowers. How he calculates this God only knows, but I can’t really imagine that should we leave, we will impede their delivery in any way. Did you know there are 20000 varieties of tulip, never mind the variations in colour.
    They certainly produce lovely flowers, but their fruit and veg are the pits and their bacon and ham etc., should be banned. The conditions they rear their pigs in are a disgrace. Buy British I say, we always do.
    Oh and that goes for New Zealand lamb too, which is slaughtered by the Halal method to maintain NZ’s exports to the middle east. Will not knowingly entertain this method of slaughter, there should always be stunning first and this country needs to get it sorted too!!

  5. Well said Philippa, I find lamb stunning especially with mint sauce.
    Maybe that wasn’t what you meant.

    BUY BRITISH !!!!!!!!

    Not only do I buy British, but I try to buy locally grown as well.
    I did buy blueberries from Per , why we import them all that way when 10 miles (not kilometers) down the road we have a huge blueberry farm.

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