Moving, on and otherwise

Dear Reader,

As Glynsky pointed out here, it is time to move on. I am just afraid, you Brits aren’t ready.

Yesterday it was confirmed, David Cameron will not do anything. Besides blaming the EU for his mess. This time it is EU immigration policy, which he blames for the Brexit. Of course, it could not have been his fault. Even on his way out he is trying to blame others. At least he is consistent. Blaming the EU for UK problems like he did for what, a decade? Maybe you want to elect someone with a backbone and a brain next?

Yet, there is a real reason you cannot do much. Civil Service, now in charge of negotiating some 120 (!) new trade contracts, has twenty experts to do so. Yep, that is 20 to go through thousands of pages of just one major contract.

Unfortunately, while UK politicians are busy with power play, businesses are reacting. They cannot afford to wait for politicians to get their act together.

Imports traded in US Dollars became more expansive since Monday, because the GBP tanked. A friend in the UK was ordered by the American parent company to raise UK prices by 30%. And that is wholesale. Expect to see some nasty price increases at retail.

And another friend, working for the EU subsidiary of an American organization, was ordered to relocate EU headquarters from London to Bruxelles. I am afraid, many others will follow. Either because they have to, like the EU banking regulators and other EU bodies located in London. Or because they want to. We saw the same after 9/11. Many businesses took advantage of the atmosphere and left expensive NY for much cheaper New Jersey. Expect real estate prices to drop.

Brace yourself,

Engine Room

History in the making

Dear English,

What an amusing weekend this was. Thank you for the entertainment!

In the unlikely case you are wondering what I am referring to, it is of the course the aftermath of your Brexit vote. Similar to our Republicans with Trump as their presidential candidate, the English seem to be sitting there in a mood probably described best by:

Oh dear, … what have we done?

You can tell that you have taken the wrong turn, if the village idiot congratulates you on the direction you are heading. In your case it was Trump. He commented, that his Scottish golf course should see more visitors with the GBP dropping to its lowest exchange rate in 30+ years. That is the quality of your new friends.

What else was entertaining?

Your Prime Idiot, who during campaigning promised to trigger Article 50 immediately, does not have the balls to do so. This comment at the Guardian offers an explanation. Cameron wants to hang in there until October and do … nothing.

Your most prominent Brexit politicians do not have the balls to pull through. Nobody steps up to fulfill the promises you fell for. Your Boris Johnson feels “no rush to act”. Or in other words, he wants to do … nothing.

It seems, your government does not have a plan. And never had one.

At the same time, the Oh so inefficient EU government was prepared. The immediate and unanimous reaction from EU officials can be summed up in four letters:


While the English politicians intend to sit on their thump and do nothing, others are preparing for Brexit. The Scots wanted to stay in the EU, so did the Northern Irish. Both are exploring ways to leave the UK and remain in the EU. On someone raised the question: What will you call yourself if they leave? Mostly United Kingdom or MUK? Somewhat United Kingdom? A worse acronym.

Last week some of the biggest law firms in the world, all with their EU headquarters in London, applied for membership in the Law Society of Ireland. They need to make sure, they can continue working in the EU. And Korean companies Samsung and LG announced to relocate their European headquarters out of the UK.

Moody’s and Standard & Poors is preparing. The British AAA credit rating was placed under review. Which means, the cost of financing your – largely foreign – debt will go up. A reminder, this is how you created your recent ‘great economy and low unemployment’, Glynksy is still dreaming of. Since 2009 you just borrowed and printed more money. There was no growth or greater employment through real business. And now the financing of that scheme will be harder and more costly. Because your so called financial service industry will lose its “Euro-Pass“, and the lower Sterling Pound will lead to higher interest rates.

If this is all too far removed from your daily life, watch your online shopping experience. IT systems are being changed already. The UK will neither have EU data protection laws anymore, nor will it be part of the Privacy Shield negotiations. EU consumer protection laws will not be applicable. Prepare for statements from Amazon, eBay and others, that “this product is not available for shipping into your country”.

Whether or not your politicians do act, the rest of the world does. And your only friend seems to be the one person, you dislike even more than the EU: Angela Merkel. She is the only person wanting to calm down the EU, and give you a bit of time to sort the mess you got yourself into.

This is history in the making. I believe, all will end well. But it is a bumpy ride ahead.

Engine Room

time to move on…

Dear diablog,

From me this will be the last on Brexit – its her and will stay, for better or worse. Lets get on with it.

There were 2 things that I wanted to post together but one I can’t upload (maybe one day ER will explain why) so at least this will, if you are interested, answer why Smiles and others got it all wrong in my view.

I am grateful to a Brit for sending me an Italian TV transmission. It however says all that needs to be said as to why many of us voted out with conviction.

Yours, diablog, looking forward to a new life


aperitif before brunch

Dear Reader,

I apologize for yet another pointless propaganda post earlier on diablog. Let’s leave it to John Oliver to answer Philippa. Not that it helps, as Philippa is proof, Brexit supporters are immune to reason, facts, and common sense. At least this video is entertaining and thus worth your time:

Moving on, as this post is about pastis.

The anis based aperitif has lost some of its popularity. I blame the two market leaders for it, Pernod and Ricard. Both are coming from the same company by now, both are poor examples of this beverage.

Here is an alternative, which I am certain you will enjoy:


Henri Bardouin is the nicest and smoothest pastis, I have found so far. The anis is balanced very well with a lot of other herbs and spices. It is a refreshing drink, perfect fore Sunday brunch.

Like the other drinks I recommend, Henri Bardouin passes the sample at room temperature test. It is even better with some cold water added.


Engine Room