what a morning, but ER (and Windows 10) is overcome…

Dear diablog,

For ages I have been aware (and we were all given a red card by ER) that the dreaded ‘kin Windows 10 was looming.

Personally I am used to Microsoft – not necessarily a fan – but I don’t want right now to change to something that means I have to start learning all over again. Philippa, bless, has apparently succumbed to the ER pressure and uses a computer program that sounds like a lost African tribe. Enjoy.

However, last night without warning as I logged off I got the news flash – next time you switch on you will automatically be updated. Whether I wanted or not!!

Luckily I remembered that my sister found as quick way round it. Sure enough she gave me the number and, before connecting to the web, spoke to Alvin (who sounded just like one of the Chipmunks) who sorted me out, got rid of Windows 10 and its unwanted (or future) updates and, even better, told me that 7 should be ok to 2019. Eeeeehaaagh.

If you have the same problem try


the Microsoft support line (UK) and all will be sorted.

Alvin, you are brill – thanx


5 thoughts on “what a morning, but ER (and Windows 10) is overcome…

  1. Glad you are sorted, but mock what you have no expertence with. Linux is far from primitive Africa and really responsive, plus NO issues with the sort of stuff you have just had. Come 2019 you no doubt will be changing over and have to endure ER’s company again, pleasure that it is!

  2. I have to say, Mrs Druid has upgraded to Windows 10 and likes it.
    Most of our companies use Windows and being lazy beings we don’t want to operate in a different system at home especially as we access our offices via Citrix.
    If I had retired and using a stand alone PC I would probably give Linux a try.
    I have noticed I cannot download files from the blog using Firefox, so that is why we stick with systems we know.

  3. No problems with Windows 10 in my office, which could not be solved by our IQ expert eg lost printer function

  4. Dear Glynsky,

    That Microsoft is forcing you into buying their new product, give them all your data plus your friends data, look at their advertising, and giving THEM control over YOUR machine, all that does not matter.

    You sound like the slave, who had a day without a beating, and praises his master for it. And like every proper slave, you do not even seem to notice.

    Aren’t you the one with the desire to be independent?


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