an odd day out…

Dear diablog,

A few weeks ago Engine Room and I went for a ‘corporate’ day out to Hedsor House for something strange (still don’t see the point) called Inside Automotive. I haven’t bothered to put anything about it here as we still don’t understand what they were trying to achieve!

Anyway, Hedsor is a small country pile


with an average suburban garden



to which a number of Classic Cars were invited – all expenses paid!

Of course, Glynsky and ER had to go, for pizza from inside a converted Defender


and to tuck in to some excellent food – and drink!! All enhanced by…




some simulated fun – and a whole load of varied cars



amongst which was one of my all time lusts (one of which I almost bought a few years back but bottled it)


actually parked alongside my SS – a Maserati Bora


complete with original polished aluminium roof


Now you are talking – big engine, comfortable and the db’s for long distance touring. The owner (a bit of a dork) uses it regularly – lucky boy!!

Yours, diablog, on the autostrada




32 thoughts on “an odd day out…

  1. Are you kidding?
    Glynsky I hope you will not be driving that to the performance at the church on the 11th!

  2. You are coming Glynsky?aren’t you?
    As I am not volunteering for a communication (breakdown) before the day.

  3. He will stand you up, dear Casper.
    He will probably set off (late as usual) and then stop for a pizza on the way.
    My advice, forget him and concentrate on the brains of the diablog, ER.

  4. Glynsky forgot to mention good coffee, delicious pastry and cakes, nice salads (with meat of course), interesting wraps, and friendly service.

    It was what is called now a networking event, i. e. exchanging business cards.

    Add that I was chatted up by a blonde, blue-eyed, 30 year old lady of 6’2″ (1.88m) plus heels, it could have been worse.


  5. Er, Casper – woss happnin’ on the 11th? Je suis lost – not unusual.
    Bah, ER is being disingenuous – he had to bathe in disinfectant since the last clandestine meet with Blondieheels.

  6. Aha – found it! Sorry, not in Leeds on 11th – tho’ thought you had moved to London? Oh well, woteva – Leeds is a great place. Used to know it really well – is the Flying Pizza still around? – or BiBi’s, the Insideout at Horseforth, the Chained Bull etc etc. Oooo ‘eck!!

  7. I see. It is the last time that I will be focusing on such events. Studies coming up soon and need the stability and clarity. But I get it. And if I don’t, at least I tried.

  8. I am not desperate to meet you, if you want to be just db then man up and say so. If you want me to leave then I will too.
    I do not understand why all of this, exactly what I did. But just man up. I capable by myself

  9. Sorry about that. I think I am back, just a bit of paranoia. A swig of alcohol suppresses and slows down the thinking, which can be god sent at times like that.

  10. Smiles is back in Europe. We had a wonderful holiday in Naples Florida. Flew from Miami to Frankfurt and then straight on to Florence for the 60th birthday party of my Boss. Later today back to Vienna.
    I had heard so many stories about US security at aiports but we were through in 5 minutes, with shoes still on and laptop in hand luggage. Where is the problem, ER ? A nice lady took us through and straight to lounge. It pays to be a Frequent Traveller with one Airline Group.

    1. Yeah, security theater is for the plebs – like me – only.
      1st class travelers aren’t bothered.


  11. I heard some strange English in Florida but never heard of “to team”.
    I hope that all is well, Casper.

  12. The first I heard of it was dogs not knowing ‘how to dog’ on the internet.
    Thanks Smiles, I am well and relaxed :)
    I hope you are too – sending many wishes for a great day.

    Casper X

  13. I am fine thanks.
    Sounds to me like very lazy English just like I heard ” I don’t do walking”

  14. Glad you are well :-) makes me smile from afar.
    Nooooo it is when someone/something doesn’t know or remember how to do something and tries with hilarious failure. How to walk would apply to a baby that doesn’t know how to walk but attempts with cute failure.

  15. Just checked in and noticed that you have fixed me Boom Boom video ER. Thanks very much and for the explanation on why this happened.
    Nice cars once again G.
    Confused by Casper again though, although I think she’s a little upset that you won’t leave Mme for her! Has this become a dating web site all of a muddle??

  16. Because this cannot go on forever. I have so much hope for the future.
    So while I am down and out enjoy the blows that you serve because when I gain the strength; and wish so much for this. Well, you will just be another past that is best forgotten.
    I will keep barely holding my days together and will do it with an unbearable smile.
    And I will try my hardest for those around me and will hide my pain from all that know me.
    And as long as I have this hope, my dreams, my goals, I can be patient because I just know whoever enters my life next will make me so imaginably happy.
    Misplaced trust is a sad thing but it happens.
    My first boyfriends friends also did the same. It is nothing I haven’t experienced before. So enjoy Philippa :-)

  17. Just so the readers know I am not some home wrecking desperate slut! And am not trying to break anyone up!

  18. Dear Casper
    Stop taking everything so seriously.
    The diablog is only some fun and exchanging views, comments and occasional abuse with friends.

  19. Oh sorry Smiles, I didn’t know that someone suggesting that I am are trying to break up a marriage is now such a funny thing! Sorry Philippa, what a great suggestion! I am very sad that Glynsky will not leave his wife for me. So so sad.
    You also seem to be always confused by me ‘as always’ how sad that you get to experience this confusion. I truly feel for you.


  20. You know something. I see it so clearly now. I am in the wrong. I should be okay with that suggestion, infact I should find it very funny. What was I thinking really to get offended by that. What a ridiculous and overly emotional person I can be. Feel free to suggest more for me Philippa. Obviously Smiles thinks it is okay so I will be too. Actually I welcome it.

  21. I feel like making the suggestion that someone is cheating on their partner on db. It isn’t to cause anyone offence. Just a joke between friends. I assure you your reputation will be intact and none of the readers will view you differently. Is this okay Smiles?

  22. I am sorry Casper but doesn’t everybody cheat on their partner ? At least, in their dreams and fantasy world.
    Write what you want but not everybody will find it funny.
    Anyway, about 2 weeks ago you wrote that you will not be commenting any more. What happened ?

  23. And it might just be that I brought this situation onto myself because i love drama. I actually have no life, nothing to focus on and work towards so I create drama to fill a void. My life actually consists of just creating situations that cause distress and upset to people. That is me!
    My life is meaningless aside from diablog, and I think all the efforts I put in before were just a joke, I don’t actually want to make something of my life, I have db and they are doing it and that is enough for me. If I am lucky enough I will get paid in rice.and children, a family, my own house all these things are just pathetic.
    God I really need to see the funny side of life and really start taking responsibility for all that I bring forth to myself. I actually think that I made myself schizophrenic, attention! That’s it!
    What a selfish inconsiderate person I am, to think that I matter, that what I want from life matters and lastly and any of my pathetic dreams might actually come true. Ha!

  24. You know something Smiles I actually think that the 4 years I spent on here made a difference in your lives. That I made you happy and that you cared for me as I did you. That you understood me as I did you. Me with my wild imagination.

  25. Is it only 4 years as it seems like a lifetime ?
    As I tell my colleagues, put me in cc for every email to Head Office as I can always delete ☺
    Just be happy . Enjoy life.

  26. Thank You to you and Glynn for supporting me through a tough and difficult time. I am deeply appreciative for your time and efforts.
    I will try and make the most of my time and be happy :-)

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