a thing of beauty…

Dear diablog,

Engine Room much despises gardeners. Personally I really enjoy some aspects of the pastime, the main one being planting something and watching it burgeon in season.

As Glynsky Towers is a little ‘different’, old (like me), and varied in aspect and design I have tried to populate the garden¬† with a generous sprinkling of ‘specialist’ type plants and have 3 favourites which I impatiently wait to see flower.

Of these, the most unusual is Carpenteria from California – and this year its really going for it!




Yes, it is horribly untidy but, wow, saucer size flowers and all, but against the orange/red climbing rose –¬† Eeeehagh.

Love it.

Yours, diablog, in bloom


13 thoughts on “a thing of beauty…

  1. But at least I did it myself and didn’t have to employ a gardener.
    Working in the garden is very therapeutic and you get to sit down afterwards to enjoy a cold drink whilst looking at the fruits of your labour.

  2. My garden is too big to do myself.
    Carry on if you think that gardening is therapeutic.
    I can sit and look at the fruit (cherries) on my trees.
    I am definitely not going into labour,

  3. Glynsky. You wrote a thing of beauty. Come to Kiev in summer and I will show you many things of beauty.

  4. I look forward to summer; nice weather to walk my Alfie. That is my plan. I hope you enjoy yours eating Kievs :-)

  5. I wouldn’t go so far as to join ER in hating gardeners, but I do hate gardening and I have a large one too Smiles. However, cutting the grass is a pleasure, as I get to sit down all the way! Lovely bush G as Casper volunteers, although double antendre does come to mind.

  6. I dont know how you will take this Philippa but I find you very creepy. Probably one of the creepiest people I have ever come across.

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