swingin’ out…

Dear diablog,

I think this is really going to annoy the Druid! He seems to be a ‘head banger’ (hopefully one who likes Quo, which I do) but what goes now under the genre of Rock n Roll is rubbish.

Real R+R was from ’56 to about ’64 at the latest with a few excursions (eg Nuttini) at times since.

The other accusation from the Druid is that musically I live in the past. Really? I shan’t bother to list all the new stuff I have introduced to G+P over the years, his comments (and from others)  on those ‘finds’ speak for themselves.

I had been, until a week or so ago, unaware of Electronic Swing – but am now a convert!

Welcome to Caravan Palace (and their exceptional animations) –

with Jolie Coquine. They…


… are a French outfit of truly accomplished musicians.

Some of this seems to be (all forms of) Jazz based but the ‘Swing’ influence – linked to Charleston and others – is patently obvious. Amply demonstrated by Dramophone

complete with a cool Facel Vega!

Not only accomplished but with a very pretty singer – what more could you want.

This is their first hit, Lone Digger

Ooh la la – more please.

Yours, diablog, breaking out the co respondent two tone shoes,


5 thoughts on “swingin’ out…

  1. Now Glynsky, that is scraping the bottom of the barrel, you even put three pieces up.
    I love living in the past, music from the 50’s & 60’s. Brian Matthews on a Saturday morning, doesn’t get better than that. I am a great fan of Quo.
    You mention Nuttini, another annoying little shit. You must like him for the Italian name. I prefer Ramazzotti & Zucchero.
    Swing, Sinatra et al not to my liking at all.

    Help I can’t take any more

  2. You have done alot and introduced alot on db and that we are thankful for- and sometimes not what we have asked for,anyway; it hasn’t changed Druids mind, though it always good to introduce new ideas,thoughts and music as it is good for the brain not to get to complacent.
    I understand where you are coming from.

    Casper :-)

  3. I do not want to ask for what you can post, I shouldn’t have to. I am just appreciative that you post and that is enough for me. I don’t need or want anymore. Hail Glycocobear! X

  4. Hoorah – at least someone liked it.
    Come on Druid, get off the fence and state an opinion!
    Like on Thursday….

  5. I guess I am a victim of living in the past too as far as music is concerned, or at least living with the influence of those sounds, but although I love R&R, swing has never really done it for me. I can’t say that rapping to it changes anything either. Not that I’m so exasperated as Druid, I did quite like what we have here.
    Druid – you’re not still on the fence about your vote surely! Any doubt – vote us OUT.

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