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Dear Reader,

It used to be Pete, who kept diablog up to date on everything photography. Since he is MIA, I stepped in with a post occasionally. This is another one of those.

National Geographic is known for outstanding photography. Threw them I learned about dronestagram:


That is a competition of photos shot by or with a drone.

And here http://www.dronestagr.am/winners-announced/ you can see the winners, like this one:


I am sure, Glynsky can tell us more about this beauty.


Engine Room

4 thoughts on “Drone Pictures

  1. Why should Glynsky know where or what it is ? It is not a restaurant nor bar, and definitely not the Emirates Stadium although the silence of the people inside could be similar.

  2. Ha ha Smiles, I’m with you on that!
    Can’t say I recognize it, so where is it then?
    These drones are a fantastic development for aerial photography / surveillance spying etc. There does seem to be a problem around airports though and I can see legislation coming to have owners registered just because of this.

  3. Now that could be Santa Fe; or Metuchen New Jersey; or a number of places, but now you say it of course it is in Umbria on the hills near Rome. Birthplace of St. Francis (1182-1226 AD).
    The Basilica of San Francesco, one of Italy’s foremost monuments, was built between 1228 and 1253 AD. The short period of its construction, rare for a church of this size, is often explained as a measure of the great love that the people of the time had for St. Francis. Do love that county!

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