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Within 20 years the internet has become an integral part of our life. And the world wide web part of it continues to grow. For the web we are using browsers and most browser sessions start with a search. Web search is dominated by Google so much, that its users are living in a filter bubble. Users see only, what Google wants them to see.

Now there is a new search engine. Or rather a metasearch engine, aggregating the results of other search engines while not storing information about its users. It is called Searx.

Searx is a free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from more than 70 search services.

Users are neither tracked nor profiled.

Additionally, searx can be used over Tor for online anonymity.

And if you are really paranoid, you can run searx on your own server. Because the source code of searx is free open source software. You can get the code and install it.

For the less tech savvy user, you can use one of the many existing, public installations like:

You can customize your search in many ways, for example by language, by search engines used and aggregated, by file type, and more.

I recommend you give searx a few test runs. Play with the preferences and see, what it shows you. See whether you are missing out with Google, and if so, what you have been missing.

Because you want to see what is out there. Not just what Google thinks you should see.

Happy surfing,

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3 thoughts on “New search kid on the block

    1. Firefox is your web browser, the software you use to look at web pages.
      An alternative browser is Chrome, made by Google.

      Searx is a software to search the internet.
      People have installed searx on servers and let you use it to search the internet.


  1. Realised the error after posting it, as of course I use Swiss Cow on your recommendation, but I assume this is as good as any away from Google anyway! I wonder if anyone out there has tried your suggestion. They should…

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