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Usually Glynsky makes TV recommendations on Diablog. Since he is still busy and I found something good, let me fill in.

The following is a British documentary. Adam Curtis has released HyperNormalisation on BBC iPlayer.

You Brits can watch it here:

Outside of the UK you can either use a VPN or a Proxy. By now you do know how to get those, don’t you? Or you search online for other sources. I have seen copies out there already. And here is what The Guardian has to say about it.

The roughly two hours are spent well, the movie is worth your time.

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2 thoughts on “Something good on TV

  1. I’m on my own this weekend, so I’ll watch it in peace.

    Moving onto your favourite subject – Microsoft and Windows.
    Last week my wife’s laptop needed to do an update which took over an hour, why, unknown. In fact the laptop does so many updates it’s unbelievable.
    On completion a statement came up saying our Bitdefender PC protection no longer worked, but had been replaced by a Microsoft version.
    Considering we had paid for a years cover and have no way of recouping the cost. Very annoyed that companies can just change things without your permission.

    Yours loosing the plot

    1. Dear Druid,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Microsoft thought of you/your wife as a user, not a customer.
      And as a user you received the update to Windows 10 without paying money.
      For Microsoft that turned you from a user into the product.
      Now your data is being sold to advertisers.

      Microsoft puts you under tutelage, you are incapacitated.
      You have no say in what they do you or your (sic!) machine.

      If you want to be liberated, just say so.
      And we’ll get you onto free (!) open source software.


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