Please don’t Yahoo

Dear Reader,

The internet dinosaur Yahoo had a famous advertising slogan once: Do you Yahoo?

Today I recommend you do not.

Yahoo was cracked. And that was before it got cracked. You can read it here One billion account details were copied. In the crack before half a billion were copied.

Now, I and DiaBlog have been cracked. It can happen. We are – and probably will always remain – amateurs.  We do not run a billion dollar internet company with email service, server space for photos and what not. Our responsibility is infinitesimal in comparison. Yet we are doing quite a lot to stay safe.

Today, you cannot really exist without an email address. Numerous government agencies require you to have an email address. Try getting a job without, or traveling, or opening a bank account. Thus, whoever provides you with an email address should be careful. And Yahoo has proven, that they are not.

I recommend Yahoo users delete their accounts. Get a different email provider. I will not respond to Yahoo emails anymore.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

2 thoughts on “Please don’t Yahoo

  1. Good to hear from you again ER.
    The lack of activity on here does lead me to wonder if this blog wants to survive!

    Heard about this. Quite disturbing that a set up like Yahoo can be hacked in that way. Goes to show just how much care we need to take using e-mail and the Internet. The scams seem to be getting more sophisticated all the time. One has to really look at them sometimes to be sure not to open a can of worms!

    Can I take this opportunity to wish you and everyone out there a merry festive time and a happy and safe new year.
    All the best for 2017.

  2. I have paid my small fee to the Nigerian Prince so to get the money from the Will he left in my name – who knew they broadcasted CasperTFG in Nigeria! so when I leave db, I take no responsibility for its demise as it existed pre-C.
    Thanks for the tip ER- I got a Yahoo account this morning.

    It is the Christmas that keeps on giving. Woop!
    Laterz Looza Peasants–hello mula mula

    Yours Casper’sJinglingBigFestiveBallz

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