16 thoughts on “Resounding at the Engine Room right now

  1. Now it works.
    As it says on majority of my school reports “You must try harder”.
    Welcome back Casper. Staying long this time ?

  2. Good voice, but not sure I’m up-lifted by the experience! Presumably this is a new film not yet visited by some. I was half expecting a beheading at the end!

  3. I have no idea Smiles, I would otherwise tell you.
    Druid, a tumble dryer could replace your affects in my life :)

  4. It is the happiest, most stable, most clear headed and most consistent I have been in almost 2 years.
    I am Thankful and Very Happy for what I have – and the future is becoming visible again.
    If you were here we could laugh and start the new year. But you are not. It cannot be simpler than that. Enjoy this festive month. Enjoy time with family and friends. Dudes just enjoy everyday.
    I think you get the idea – I look forward to seeing what I can do with my 300+ plus days. Curious with what ER can do in that time.

    Casper X

  5. Quote of the year;

    “If it smells like sht, looks likes sht and feels like sht; you don’t have to eat it to know it is sht”

    Personally I would replace with it bs as for me that is applicable.

    Thanks for making me see how important my time was nearly 6 years ago. I couldn’t have asked for in life.

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