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After the 2016 referendum briefly I had contemplated to run a list of companies moving jobs out of Britain into EU territory. Like Goldman Sachs to Frankfurt, Lloyd’s to Bruxelles, Mini to Eastern Europe, … But that is a full time job. Someone else will have to do it.

Yesterday the following question came across my screen:

Will March 29, 2017, go down in history as Mayday?

Perhaps Glynsky can answer that?

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4 thoughts on “Mayday

  1. Could do. She will have a place in our history books guaranteed now whatever. The next two years (and maybe longer) will be more and more interesting / annoying! All we hear every day is Brexit and petty political squabbling. And I’m a Brexitir. (how do you spell that). Unprecedented times. Both sides no not what will transpire. Obviously the whole of Europe will be watching and I’m sure the outcome will have an impact on other countries deciding their future in the EU.

  2. Fed up,of Bexit and that annoying Scottish woman Nicola Sturgen.
    Another referendum, that’s all she’s interested.

    You wonder if other countries want to go down the Brexit route. Stuff the Spaniards, Gibraltar is British , like the Falklands.

    Pull up the drawbridge at Dover, we’re full!!!!

    1. I am just going to leave this

      | Apology Box |

      here for Druey for telling him that I valued him with comparison to a tumble dryer. I would also like to say when that statement was made, I had thought that a tumble dryer was useful but not necessary because of the sun+washing line. Anyway, it isn’t the worst comparison but maybe he got offended?

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