Hanging around

Dear Reader,


and Philippa

both complained in the comments about my last song. And they were wondering, where I have been. I shall let The Stranglers answer that:

Hanging around.

And where is Glynsky? No idea. He is MIA, missing in action, or something.

Now, pleasing Smiles and Philippa with one song is difficult. Maybe the following does the trick:

Whenever I think of Smailes, Sharp dressed man by ZZ Top comes to mind. And maybe Philippa likes ZZ Top?

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

4 thoughts on “Hanging around

  1. Dear ER
    Definitely a great improvement. Now doing what I do best. Going to airport to fly from Bologna to Vienna.
    Saturday to Almaty then Tashkent. 3 days in Mumbai and then holiday
    Flying to Canada to see Polar Brears and to look for Glynsky amongst the 1000s of Beluga Whales in Hudson Bay. Who would name a Bay after an ex Sales Manager of Glynsky, who lost his socks in Czech Republi. Now that is agood story.
    Flying out via Chicago as never been there. Should get by on my Polish and Lithuanian. No tips for restaurants required but if you insist, they are very welcome.
    Have a great summer.

  2. Well the Stranglers can go strangle themselves, but ZZ Top are just fab! Not into everything they do and never understood how they put up with those beards, but got this track amongst others and it really does rock. Some hot totti on the video too.
    Do you ever stay on the ground Smiles? Look out for long grey hair swirling in the waves and the odd puff of cigi smoke erupting from a blowhole somewhere near by. Enjoy the caviar.

  3. I have prepared Japanese friends if Glynsky tries to surface. He will be harpooned.
    He might just as well be, if you consider the amount of effort he puts into HIS diablog thee days.

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