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Dear Reader,

Glynsky’s last post here dates back to March 17, almost six months ago. Pete, the other naming patron, went missing in January 2014 already.

A big thanks to Philippa

who stepped up and submitted posts.

Yet, the original idea of Glynsky and Pete isn’t fulfilled. So, when a few days ago the domain administrator asked, whether the registration of should be extended, I wondered: should it?

Well, at least for another year diablog will remain online. After almost seven years I’d be sad to see it gone.

The always impatient,

Engine Room

5 thoughts on “domain extended

  1. Busy or not as you point out this is his blog.
    Who isn’t busy?
    I reiterate Smiles’s comment. There is always time for a quickie!
    Come on Glynsky, step up to the mark here. I was hoping to get some pictures just for you of my neighbour’s Maclaren 675LT, but so far not ventured to do so. He also has a new Porche GT and runs around in a Merc 63C bi turbo.

  2. Come on Glynsky. Write a post and I will send a beautiful young Russian lady to tickle you under all of your chins :-)

  3. Come on Glynsky, I miss the monthly car blog.
    The Druid has retired not necessarily by my own choice.
    I now find myself bored, no real hobby, clearing out the garage isn’t a hobby.
    I admire you if you are that busy, I’m in need of a part time job to bring some sanity into my life.

    We promise not to attack your poor choice of music, well maybe.
    Bring back the buzz to the blog Glynsky

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