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The last few years have been pretty hard on movie goers like me.

I understand the need for children movies, but how many Disney princesses can one watch?

I also understand the reason for action movies, but no story line and eight sequels?

Obviously the new players in the fight for our eyeballs – Amazon, Netflix, .. is HBO still around? – have taken bigger risks and attracted better stories, creating better movie experiences at home, outside your normal cinema. But then, if your competition is a gazillion Marvel and kiddy films, it does not take much, does it?

One movie stood out in 2015, and sadly I did not manage to watch it then. A few days ago I was able to do so, and I can truly recommend it. If you have a chance, please go and see:

The Walk

If you cannot see it on the big screen, it is worth renting a beamer for this. The cinematography is that excellent.

The movie tells Philippe Petit’s story, a French guy who wanted to walk on a wire – more like a cable – between the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The pictures are brilliant, the story is very well told, it has you gripping your arm rests. Or getting sweaty palms, when he steps onto the cable.

The movie also brings back fond memories of standing up there, overlooking Manhattan, your spirits and dreams uplifted.

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One thought on “Watch The Walk

  1. Saw this ER and it was good.
    I also have those memories at the top of those towers, of standing on the glass floor looking down at the same view your shot shows with Philippe on the wire. Totally scary at the time!

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