almost sorted

Dear Reader,

We are getting there, almost all is sorted at diablog.

With the switch to SSL and encryption a lot of things needed changing at diablog. A huge thank you goes to the provider of our server. Without their help, we would have been lost.

One change involved a plugin we used, a piece of software called Subscribe2. It allowed you, dear Reader, to subscribe to diablog in an easy, automatic way. And receiving email notifications about new posts. Unfortunately, the software was abused for spamming. Thus, it is gone.

We turned our beloved commentators, Smiles

and the Inverness Druid

into real subscribers of diablog, with their own accounts.

They are sort of guinea pigs, pardon the wording. We shall see, if they receive updates and whether this can work for others in the future as well.

More changes to come next week,

stay tuned,

Engine Room

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