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Diablog is about the good things in life, and here is one more.

Since it is cold, winter, gets dark early, this is the best time for a great red wine, enjoyed at the fireplace.

If you have been following diablog a bit, you know I love Amarone. Amarone has grown in popularity, and the retail prices have gone up steadily. At the same time, the quality has gone down. Sometimes I wonder, how much Amarone is in those bottles offered by popular vineyards for $30+ a piece?

Last year a friend, suffering the same problem, found a treasure. On a trip to Italy he discovered a winery, producing a red wine “Amarone style”. Meaning, it isn’t an Amarone, but the grapes are matured the same way.

This is it, Pikaja Rossa:




And this is the website of the producer:


My friend bought 20 cases. That’s how good this is. And he paid 30% of what a normal Amarone costs at your local retailer.

The wine is heavy, 16.5% alcohol, and absolutely delicious. I love it.


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  1. Outside my “usual” price bracket for drinking at home, but intrigued to try it.
    By the way ER, I’m not getting your usual e-mails to say anyone has posted here. Just went on to see if it was live, so missed the last 3.

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