I came across this recently and it fascinated me, more especially now that everyone is talking about plastic pollution etc., since the Blue Planet series has been televised. Will it really get built?

Official Launch of the Ocean Phoenix Project

  • Published on Published on February 21, 2016
Christophe J. Poizat

Christophe J. Poizat

Very happy to share with the community we have now launched phase 1 of the Ocean Phoenix Project.

SAS OCEAN PHOENIX is proud to present the concept of a giant factory-ship capable of eradicating the layers of plastic waste in the North Pacific Ocean and other Oceans around the world.

The design of this giant factory-ship, named “Ocean Phoenix”, enables the retrieval, compression and packing of ocean pollution in accordance with road transportation regulations. Each of these steps will take place on the Ocean Phoenix itself, prior to the transferal of the aforementioned waste to an accompanying support vessel, which will transport it onshore for recycling.

The Ocean Phoenix does not discriminate between shipping containers, multi-ton logs (occasionally found where currents converge), plastic waste (and other forms of debris) as well as plastic microbeads, practically the size of plankton.

The Ocean Phoenix’s technical specifications are impressive: 360m in length and 115m in width (the size of two supertankers side by side).

Designed by Serge Menard, the Ocean Phoenix concept is patented (patent delivered in France in 2013 and extended internationally in 2015).

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