Amateur night

Dear Reader,

If you come to NY, please come prepared. The reason I am asking you, kindly, is what I call an amateur night.

I had visitors. From out of town. Big eyes. Big mouth. “Show us The City. We can take it.”

So, we started the night at McSorley’s, with a few beers. Side note, McSorley’s has the most beautiful Irish women in town. Just beware of their brothers. And it is the oldest Irish tavern here.

On to a few Bass Ales. I know, you English pretty much gave up on it. I still love it. Next, a few Brooklyn Lager. There is a reason you come to NY. Have the local brew. And then I needed something stronger.

So I ordered a few Singleton. My company skipped that, I had them all. Next up, The Balvenie. Again, I had to drink that one alone. That’s when I asked my guests: “Why don’t you take advantage of your hotel rooms?”

They accepted quickly and gladly. Which left me with a bottle of Barbera D’ Alba. All by myself. Life is good.

If you come to NY, I beg you, come prepared. No amateurs, please. This is a professional town.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

We agree, Glynsky is late

Dear Reader,

The headline is somewhat wrong and misleading. There should be a period instead of a comma. I am pointing this out, because of the recent struggle with spelling, missing words, grammar, and reading properly here on diablog.

Back to the points, what do Glynsky and I agree upon? First, that Glynky’s latest recommendation here, Angel’s Share, is a great movie. Secondly, that Glynsky misspelled the title, missing the apostrophe in Angel’s.

But then, as the famous xkcd pointed out a long time ago:

There is always someone wrong on the internet.

On to why our dear Glynsky is late, I might add, as usual. Because I recommended the movie three (3 !) years ago. On October 28, 2012, I wrote Enjoy Responsibly, with the movie title even in the headline. Been there. Done that.

In related news, I went to Glasgow not too long ago. I know, the English aren’t fond of the Scots. But I get along with Scots very well, and have zero problems with their accent. Glasgow seems to be a great city, and it has very very friendly people. Hopefully I will be back soon. I’ll let you know. In the meantime, from Glasgow:

Simple Minds – Promised you a miracle

Keep on rolling,

Engine Room

Gold of the Gascogne

Dear Reader,

In line with this post, here is another drink worth your attention. Again, it was introduced by friends while visiting.

Clotte de Manon comes from the best sites of the Armagnac region within the Gascogne:

Armagnac is known since 1461. It is distilled continuously only once, different to Cognac for example. Armagnac is aged only in new oak barrels made of black oak from the Gascogne.

Another specialty, the fruit wine used as basis for Armagnac cannot be sulfurated, or otherwise altered, or have additives. Armagnac is as pure as it gets. Which makes it better than Cognac in my book.

And this Armangac is perfect after a good meal, or with a good cigar.


Engine Room

Oh Marta …

Dear Reader,

No worries, I did not fall in love with a woman. The Marta mentioned in the headline is my recommendation for the upcoming winter.

But first, sorry for the silence over the last couple of days. I was traveling, working, having fun with friends. Like the people abusing Glynsky Towers for accommodation, I dislike hotels a bit. Whenever I can, I stay with friends. Or as I call it: couch surfing. The usual deal is, they provide a mattress, futon, or guest bed, and I invite them out for dinner. Some of my hosts consider themselves a chef and prepare dinner. Then I provide wine and drinks at least.

On one of those couch surfing events we got to know Marta’s parents. And now I’d like to introduce her to you.

Her full name is Amarone Classico DOC Marta Galli. And this is what she looks like:


Marta comes from the La Ragose Winery, and you should give her – or any of her sisters – a new home.

Frederick Wildman is the US importer, and here is a retailer, Astor Wine & Spirits.

I mentioned Amarone a while back on diablog. And from La Ragose came my very first Amarone. It is one of the very best, and you can be certain, it is not adulterated. Which sadly has started to happen at other vineyards.

At 15-16% alcohol, for me Amarone is winter wine. Perfect for that evening in front of the fireplace, after dinner, with a cigar, some great music playing, staring into the flames, ignoring all troubles, and enjoying the good things in life.

And since “I’m not in Love” here is 10cc, perfect fireplace music:


Engine Room

Small French meal

Dear Reader,

When I feel like celebrating with a little meal, the choice of food places is tremendous. Always a safe bet is one of my three favorite brasseries. And a good selection for a small meal is


sautéed Foi Gras with a slice of an apple on brioche as an appetizer, with a nice glass of cidre. Follow that with


Steak au Poivre with French fries as a main course, with a nice bottle of red wine. And


Crepes Nougat with caramelized banana as dessert.

Finish your meal with a delicious Calvados and an espresso, and you are pretty close to heaven.

On cloud #9,

Engine Room

a little of what you fancy…

Dear diablog,

A timely reminder from


Erica who has been concerned at my lack of attention to her Diablog needs:

Do you have feelings of inadequacy?
Do you suffer from shyness?
Do you sometimes wish you were more assertive?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist about…


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The spirits of Life #6 more Rum

Dear Reader,

Summer is the season of cocktails, many of which are rum based. Now I am not much of a cocktail drinker – I prefer my drinks neat. But I had promised here, to educate myself more about Rum. And so I did.

During my (too?) many bar visits, I sampled another 10 or so rums. Naturally, I will not bother you with the disappointing experiences, but provide you with something worth trying.

Occasionally when having a meal, I substitute dessert with a digestive. Or more accurately, I skip dessert and go straight for the drink. And then it can be fun to combine the two, having a drink that works as a dessert. The following rum is a prime drink for that:

el_dorado_rum_12_yearsEl Dorado 12 years old

El Dorado Rum is produced in Guyana. It is a blend, the youngest rum being 12 years old. Considering the climate, the angel share must be substantial.

The El Dorado is a taste explosion in your mouth. It is like taking a big bite of a honey and sugar dessert.

Certainly, you do not want to have two. But as a digestive and/or substitute for dessert this is a great drink.


Engine Rum