almost sorted

Dear Reader,

We are getting there, almost all is sorted at diablog.

With the switch to SSL and encryption a lot of things needed changing at diablog. A huge thank you goes to the provider of our server. Without their help, we would have been lost.

One change involved a plugin we used, a piece of software called Subscribe2. It allowed you, dear Reader, to subscribe to diablog in an easy, automatic way. And receiving email notifications about new posts. Unfortunately, the software was abused for spamming. Thus, it is gone.

We turned our beloved commentators, Smiles

and the Inverness Druid

into real subscribers of diablog, with their own accounts.

They are sort of guinea pigs, pardon the wording. We shall see, if they receive updates and whether this can work for others in the future as well.

More changes to come next week,

stay tuned,

Engine Room


Dear Reader,

We are back, and https ready. Feel free to update your bookmark.

Yet, we are not fully functional, the design and layout got screwed up, various plug-ins not working, … etc.

We’ll get there.


happy new year

Dear Reader,

Happy new year and a healthy and prosperous 2018. May it turn out better than you hope.

While everyone was celebrating, I spent some time preparing Diablog for the future. Mainly, because as of this year some browsers show red warning messages, if you try to connect to a website without SSL encryption. If you navigate to a site with http instead of https, that is flagged as insecure. Think of it as http being communication via postcard, while https is a letter in a sealed envelope.

That of course makes perfect sense, if you are entering private data on a website. You should not trust a shopping site, or banking, an airline, etc. without SSL. But it makes less sense, if you are visiting a website for reading only, like Diablog. But, since many users are uninformed, and the red flag might scare them, and prevent visits, I decided to switch to https.

That requires getting a certificate. Those used to cost around £40. Thanks to letsencrypt one can get a certificate free of charge now. Thanks, guys!

What sounds easy and nice in theory, turned out to be a nightmare.

First, our server software needed an upgrade for letsencrypt. Upgrading destroyed the website. Going back required restoring the server from a backup, which can take hours. When eventually the upgrade was done and fixed, installing the certificate destroyed the website again. So we were back to square one, restoring from backup. After days and countless hours I was ready to throw in the towel.

As Glynsky hadn’t bothered to post much during 2017, I asked him by the end of December, whether it was worth the hustle. First he said no. And I prepared to scrap Then I got a break and managed to install the upgrade without destroying the website. Still, installing the certificate did. Then Glynsky said he would be sad to see it go. Just then we got the server upgraded, and the website website restored without losing the content. Then we got the certificated installed and managed to get the website back.

Now the only problem we are left with is, the https isn’t working yet. But I guess, we shall figure that out too. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, we can be glad the whole mess prevented us from having to listen to Glynsky’s usual xmas mayhem, aka what he calls Christmas songs. One has to be thankful for the small things, I guess.

So, I apologize for the inconvenience, best of luck for 2018,

Engine Room




Dear Reader,

Over the last couple of weeks DiaBlog gained an unusual number of new subscribers. As flattering as that might be, hundreds of subscriptions were left unconfirmed. Meaning, an email address subscribed to receive diablog posts, but the person owning that email address did not confirm the subscription, when asked to do so.

Our system requires confirmation, because anyone can fill out the subscription form, even a bot But only the person with access to the email inbox can confirm that subscription. That way we do not spam people.

As a precaution I deleted all subscriptions lacking confirmation.

Should you be affected, please subscribe again. And please make sure, you confirm your subscription. We prefer to have fewer subscribers, rather than spamming people.

Thanks in advance,

Engine Room

Blue eye for Bluetooth

Dear Reader,

Posts about computers are not very popular on diablog. One could even say, they are unpopular. Yet, for your own safety, please, bare with me.

One of the reasons for the lack of popularity might be, that a lot of people are unaware, how often they are using a “computer”.

Prime example, do you use a smartphone? Great, that’s a computer. Do you own a smart TV? That’s a computer. And so is your car, and probably you fridge, and your internet router, and your electricity and/or gas meter, and, and ….

Why do I bother you with that? Because today it was revealed that Bluetooth has major security holes.

Blue what?

Bluetooth is a wireless technique invented in 1994, 23 years ago. It is in use heavily. Bluetooth is in almost all smartphones and laptops. For years now it has been bundled with WiFi on the hardware level. So Bluetooth is pretty much everywhere.

And today a research company published security holes in Bluetooth. Unfortunately, Bluetooth did not go with what is called “Opt-in”, where you have to activate it. Bluetooth is active by default. You have to ppt-out, so to speak.

If you own a laptop or a smartphone, please turn off Bluetooth.


If you do not know how, please ask someone who does.

You and we all will have enough problems with all the “internet of things” devices, where one cannot turn off Bluetooth easily. We do not want a gazillion hacked smartphones and laptops on top of that, do we?

Please, do it now.

Thanks in advance,

Engine Room

domain extended

Dear Reader,

Glynsky’s last post here dates back to March 17, almost six months ago. Pete, the other naming patron, went missing in January 2014 already.

A big thanks to Philippa

who stepped up and submitted posts.

Yet, the original idea of Glynsky and Pete isn’t fulfilled. So, when a few days ago the domain administrator asked, whether the registration of should be extended, I wondered: should it?

Well, at least for another year diablog will remain online. After almost seven years I’d be sad to see it gone.

The always impatient,

Engine Room