The all important David

Dear Reader,

Making fun of the British PM is almost as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. Or stealing candy from a baby. Not that we would do that. But this man is turning a respected office into the laughing stock of the world. It was bad enough, when he said the UK Government needs to spy on its people, because that is how crimes are solved in TV shows.

But obviously the man is even more childish than that. Here is the most recent example. On March 4 his Twitter account posted the following:

Really? A photo of Mr. Important with a concerned face on the phone? This is how the British PM communicates with the people?

What’s next? Selfies in the bathroom? Photos of his meals on Instagram?

Luckily, the internet knows how to handle this. Heres the appropriate response:


Can someone send the guy back to kindergarten? Or any other place, where he cannot do any damage?

Stay amused,

Engine Room

On top of my world

Dear Reader,

We had posts on diablog about Giga Pixel photos earlier. There is one about Cologne and London, and a panorama tour of St. Petersburg. Since Pete is still somewhere on cloud #9, I am putting up another photography post. This one is a giga pixel panorama shot from the top of my world, thanks to Time Magazine and Gigapan. Here is a screenshot:


For the whole thing go there:

It was taken from the top of 1 World Trade Center. It is almost as breathtaking as the real view.

For Smiles’ visit this summer I recommend the helicopter flight, it is even more beautiful.

Take a virtual trip,

Engine Room

Bucket-List: Fashion shooting

Dear Reader,

While our beloved Inverness Druid is reminiscing about the Jewish tailors of the London East End here, I had the pleasure to observe another fashion shooting not too long ago. Usually I only see models on the street, as I wrote here, or in bars. This time I was at a bikini shooting.

There are a couple of things, one should have seen in life. Because they are eye-opening.

How a TV program is produced, how a big screen movie is made, and how advertising ads and commercials are produced. Pictures and movies and ads/commercials are around us all the time. They have an impact on our life, and our views. Also, it is entertaining and quite a show.

You will see quickly for example, there are as many useless people standing around as on any road construction site. And the few people working are the nice ones, usually. You can ignore the “hot shots” just standing around, being “all important”. You can identify them by the smartphone at their ears and arrogant behavior.

Along you will pick up a lot of tricks, whether it is in photography, styling, set design/furnishing, makeup, etc. You will learn also, how little the images around us are in line with reality. As an example, the models were less than attractive.

Here now is the music to go with this, David Bowie – Fashion:

“We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town …”

Stay curious,

Engine Room

i like a nice cuppa tea…

Dear diablog,

It has been a long time since we talked of the fabulous Lyndsey


from the Honey Ryder band who carry on (pregnancies not withstanding!) from strength to strength.

As today is a music day, a related item sent from her to make you smile

lionel rich tea

Labelled ‘Lionel Rich Tea’ it got us going!

Yours, diablog, in me cuppa Yorkshire tea


Every Picture Tells A Story

I admit to being a loather of the recent explosion of ‘Selfie‘ pictures published all over the social media.

However just occasionally something comes along to modify my view on the subject.

On this occasion I am grateful to the Guardian Newspaper for allowing me to publish the pictures shown below which I found both beautiful and  fascinating.

Each week, the Guardian Weekend magazine’s editorial team choose a picture, or set of pictures, they particularly like.
This week, their choice is by an excellent photographer called Sophie Starzenski
She has called these photos shown below: 40 weeks and a mirror


semi-naked woman taking self-portrait with camera

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