You are under full surveillance

Dear Brits,

As of next week all your internet activity is under full government surveillance. You can read about the “snooper charter” here at AP.

Just to be clear, that is not just your browsing history. That includes email, chats, VoIP telephone, Netflix/TV, everything coming and going through that cable and/or satellite connection. And do not forget your smartphone.

Let this sink in for a moment.

You government spies on you more, than former communist Eastern Germany spied on its citizens with its Stasi.

Who will have access to your data?

From here comes a list (quote, emphasis mine):

Metropolitan police force
City of London police force
Police forces maintained under section 2 of the Police Act 1996
Police Service of Scotland
Police Service of Northern Ireland
British Transport Police
Ministry of Defence Police
Royal Navy Police
Royal Military Police
Royal Air Force Police
Security Service
Secret Intelligence Service
Ministry of Defence
Department of Health
Home Office
Ministry of Justice
National Crime Agency
HM Revenue & Customs
Department for Transport
Department for Work and Pensions
NHS trusts and foundation trusts in England that provide ambulance services
Common Services Agency for the Scottish Health Service
Competition and Markets Authority
Criminal Cases Review Commission
Department for Communities in Northern Ireland
Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland
Department of Justice in Northern Ireland
Financial Conduct Authority
Fire and rescue authorities under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004
Food Standards Agency
Food Standards Scotland
Gambling Commission
Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority
Health and Safety Executive
Independent Police Complaints Commissioner
Information Commissioner
NHS Business Services Authority
Northern Ireland Ambulance Service Health and Social Care Trust
Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service Board
Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Regional Business Services Organisation
Office of Communications
Office of the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland
Police Investigations and Review Commissioner
Scottish Ambulance Service Board
Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission
Serious Fraud Office
Welsh Ambulance Services National Health Service Trust

Also do not forget the five eyes agreement. Thanks to that, the secret agencies and governments of the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will have all your data too.

Naturally, those few will keep your data completely safe. No hacker can get to it. And none of the few government employees will abuse the access to that data. We all know, they are angels. No snooping on the ex, or neighbor, or relative. Never.

Nobody will ever manipulate that data. Nobody will add a bit of child pornography to your browser history. Nobody ever will add a bit of drug buying, or a subscription to an illegal gambling site. No, your government does not engage in such activities.

Boy, you are so much safer now, aren’t you?

Brave new world,

Engine Room

PS: Why didn’t you read more about that? Because your government buried that under Brexit and the US election. That’s how much your politicians and media watch out for you.

That sums it up

Dear Reader,

This tweet by Brian Pedaci says it well:



On the bright side, peaceful transition of power is one of the corner stones of democracy.

The republicans have send intellectually challenged puppets to the White House before. A poor actor Ronald Reagan (VP G. H. W. Bush)  and a failed businessman George W. Bush (VP Dick Cheney). This time they combined those features with a poor TV personality and four times bankruptcy filing businessman. Like the two before him, he got a hawkish VP at his side. All eyes on Mike Pence.

Interesting times ahead,

Engine Room

How does a true NYer talk?

Dear Reader,

Diablog is neither neutral, nor are we shy with words. While some are more British, aka polite, I am more American, or blunt, or rude.

One of the NY icons, Robert De Niro, talked about voting in the upcoming election. It was part of a campaign to motivate people to go and vote. And he talked like the true NYer he is. Listen and see yourself:

Do I have to mention, that I agree with Mr. De Niro? I didn’t think so.

Stay sane,

Engine Room

History in the making

Dear English,

What an amusing weekend this was. Thank you for the entertainment!

In the unlikely case you are wondering what I am referring to, it is of the course the aftermath of your Brexit vote. Similar to our Republicans with Trump as their presidential candidate, the English seem to be sitting there in a mood probably described best by:

Oh dear, … what have we done?

You can tell that you have taken the wrong turn, if the village idiot congratulates you on the direction you are heading. In your case it was Trump. He commented, that his Scottish golf course should see more visitors with the GBP dropping to its lowest exchange rate in 30+ years. That is the quality of your new friends.

What else was entertaining?

Your Prime Idiot, who during campaigning promised to trigger Article 50 immediately, does not have the balls to do so. This comment at the Guardian offers an explanation. Cameron wants to hang in there until October and do … nothing.

Your most prominent Brexit politicians do not have the balls to pull through. Nobody steps up to fulfill the promises you fell for. Your Boris Johnson feels “no rush to act”. Or in other words, he wants to do … nothing.

It seems, your government does not have a plan. And never had one.

At the same time, the Oh so inefficient EU government was prepared. The immediate and unanimous reaction from EU officials can be summed up in four letters:


While the English politicians intend to sit on their thump and do nothing, others are preparing for Brexit. The Scots wanted to stay in the EU, so did the Northern Irish. Both are exploring ways to leave the UK and remain in the EU. On someone raised the question: What will you call yourself if they leave? Mostly United Kingdom or MUK? Somewhat United Kingdom? A worse acronym.

Last week some of the biggest law firms in the world, all with their EU headquarters in London, applied for membership in the Law Society of Ireland. They need to make sure, they can continue working in the EU. And Korean companies Samsung and LG announced to relocate their European headquarters out of the UK.

Moody’s and Standard & Poors is preparing. The British AAA credit rating was placed under review. Which means, the cost of financing your – largely foreign – debt will go up. A reminder, this is how you created your recent ‘great economy and low unemployment’, Glynksy is still dreaming of. Since 2009 you just borrowed and printed more money. There was no growth or greater employment through real business. And now the financing of that scheme will be harder and more costly. Because your so called financial service industry will lose its “Euro-Pass“, and the lower Sterling Pound will lead to higher interest rates.

If this is all too far removed from your daily life, watch your online shopping experience. IT systems are being changed already. The UK will neither have EU data protection laws anymore, nor will it be part of the Privacy Shield negotiations. EU consumer protection laws will not be applicable. Prepare for statements from Amazon, eBay and others, that “this product is not available for shipping into your country”.

Whether or not your politicians do act, the rest of the world does. And your only friend seems to be the one person, you dislike even more than the EU: Angela Merkel. She is the only person wanting to calm down the EU, and give you a bit of time to sort the mess you got yourself into.

This is history in the making. I believe, all will end well. But it is a bumpy ride ahead.

Engine Room

time to move on…

Dear diablog,

From me this will be the last on Brexit – its her and will stay, for better or worse. Lets get on with it.

There were 2 things that I wanted to post together but one I can’t upload (maybe one day ER will explain why) so at least this will, if you are interested, answer why Smiles and others got it all wrong in my view.

I am grateful to a Brit for sending me an Italian TV transmission. It however says all that needs to be said as to why many of us voted out with conviction.

Yours, diablog, looking forward to a new life


send her victorious…

Dear diablog,

I tender genuine apologies for the Glynsky silence.

Amongst a complete revision of the IHQ, cars, organising an event and GKW stuff that keeps happening, time just slips away.

Away from Brexit et al (despite the poster displayed in the window of this ‘party’ pic!)


Mme and I had the immense pleasure of going to a street party yesterday for the Queen’s 90th. The above seems a little bleak as pics go – but what you can’t see (or hear) is that in the lounge behind the open window was a blues band blaring out for all (well, nearly all) to enjoy.

Brilliant – and in some ways a comment on Europe in that we (the Brits) appear to have lost our community spirit and events like this are to be lauded. Italy, France, Spain and all the others have communal events the whole time. We must catch up.

Kids, street tennis, literally GALLONS of Pimms, food enough for the planet and a feeling of general bonhomie was everywhere.

Roll on the next one. I apologise that I only took 2 pics as the Pimms and rain kept interrupting my use of the trusty Blackberry – but this unique sweatshirt summed up the humour of the day


and even, as it was at the end, looking empty believe me the whole afternoon was a gas.

Yours, diablog, hoping to write more very soon,