Will books survive? And if they do, how?

Dear Reader,

Today marks the end of the printed edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica.
After 244 years as prime source of information on paper for many in the English speaking world they gave up. The remaining stock will be sold, that’s it.

They will now compete with Wikipedia in the digital world.
And as an indication how far behind EB is: I went to wikipedia first to look up information about EB. Only on second thought did I decide, that it would be quite ironic to link to the wiki site of EB, instead of its own website.

Quite naturally that leads to the question, will books in general prevail?
I had pointed out earlier on diablog, that and how reading habits have changed.

Books as a storage medium for information? I don’t think that will last.  We aren’t using stone, clay, slate, pig skin or other older media anymore, are we?
As information storage medium, books will follow the path of floppy disks. Just ask your kids, what this is:

They will answer: That’s the Save Button in every computer program. But they have actually never used one of these

to save any information and maybe don’t even know what those are.
Similar to them using “cc:” in electronic communication, neither knowing that it stands for carbon copy, nor what that actually is.

But books have other benefits, other values and serve other purposes, than just storing information.

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just in time, another bit of the found archive 21…

Dear diablog,

I promised you a change from movie stuff that was found in the Sasha Fisher archive recently, added to which there has been some interest on diablog in watches, with Engine Room even creating their own label.

Sash had quite an interesting ‘collection’of the usual broken strap cheap stuff but we found three interesting items, the first of which was a German Aviator watch.


These things are enormous (see later) and were apparently either worn on the wrist over flying overalls or, apparently according to a specialist of my acquaintance, at the ankle – though how you could read it is another matter.

As with all his possessions this needed a bit of research as it was an odd thing for a submarine commander to own and heavens knows from where he obtained it, though for someone who also owned a piston from the engine of a Japanese Zero fighter (Mitsubishi a6m) which is in use in the International HQ as an ash tray


I guess anything was possible – anytime!
So back to the watch…

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There are (no) women on the internet – right here

Dear Reader,

Number 30 of the famous “rules of the internet”, mentioned here, states: There are no girls on the internet.

Now we all know, that isn’t the case anymore.
Yet, quite a few men wonder, where are the girls?

A broad answer is, in all the social networks.
Particularly popular is twitter.com.
And one of the reasons for that are recommendations. Twitter just makes it easy to point or link people towards something, to make a recommendation.

Now there is a newer website, that just passed twitter as a recommendation tool and “the girls” seem to be crazy about it.


Sorry, Guys, if your lady will now get some more ideas, on what to spend money. But at least diablog will have shown you, where to look for her.

Here it comes:

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Happy Birthday Jost Bürgi

Dear Reader,

Jost Bürgi was born February 28, 1552.  So, we are celebrating his 460th birthday today.

Now you are staring at your screen, wondering what makes me tick.
Give me a second to explain, tick and second are the important words here.

Jost Bürgi is credited with the invention of the time unit second.

Most certainly he was the first mechanic and watchmaker to build a watch with three arms showing not only hours and minutes, but seconds too.

Before, he had created astronomical equipment and globes, like this one:

I am fairly certain Glynsky and Pete are with me, this is beautiful from an engineering point of view as much as aesthetically.

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